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James Webb - US Senate 2006

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10/30/06 05:59 pm - presenttense80 - Poll Update!


Rasmussen: 51% Webb, 46% Allen

And a giggle.

4/27/06 07:11 pm - presenttense80 - New Republic article on George Allen

Pin Prick
by Ryan Lizza
Post date: 04.27.06
Issue date: 05.08.06

George Allen is the oldest child of legendary football coach George Herbert Allen, and, when his father was on the road, young George often acted as a surrogate dad to his siblings. According to his sister Jennifer, he was particularly strict about bedtimes. One night, his brother Bruce stayed up past his bedtime. George threw him through a sliding glass door. For the same offense, on a different occasion, George tackled his brother Gregory and broke his collarbone. When Jennifer broke her bedtime curfew, George dragged her upstairs by her hair.

George tormented Jennifer enough that, when she grew up, she wrote a memoir of what it was like living in the Allen family. In one sense, the book, Fifth Quarter, from which these details are culled, is unprecedented. No modern presidential candidate has ever had such a harsh and personal account of his life delivered to the public by a close family member. The book paints Allen as a cartoonishly sadistic older brother who holds Jennifer by her feet over Niagara Falls on a family trip (instilling in her a lifelong fear of heights) and slams a pool cue into her new boyfriend's head. "George hoped someday to become a dentist," she writes. "George said he saw dentistry as a perfect profession--getting paid to make people suffer."

It was the night before a major basketball game with Morningside High. The mostly black inner-city school adjacent to Watts was coming to the almost entirely white Palos Verdes High to play. When students arrived at school on game day, they found graffiti spray-painted on the school library and other places. All five people who described the incident say the graffiti was racially tinged and meant to look like the handiwork of the black Morningside students. But it was actually put there by Allen and some of his friends. "It was something like die whitey," says Campbell. The school administrator, who says he is a Republican and would "seriously consider" voting for Allen for president, says the graffiti said, "burn, baby, burn," a reference to the race riots.


3/31/06 12:52 pm - presenttense80 - TODAY IS THE DEADLINE

As you have probably heard multiple times this week TODAY is the deadline for the 1st quarter fundraising period for the Senate race. If you were considering donating to the campaign soon, I would encourage you to do it by TONIGHT CONTRIBUTE HERE

Our opponent had a large head-start fundraising wise and will perhaps out fundraise us this quarter, but there is one other important number to consider and that is the number of individual donors. This number is equally important to the total amount raised and speaks volumes to the potential Jim has to draw in unprecedented numbers of donors to a Virginia Senate race. Please help increase this number by donating yourself if you haven’t already, encouraging your spouse/significant other to also donate in their name, and encouraging your friends, family and co-workers to do the same – even $10 will go a long way to helping show the strength of the campaign.

Join myself and several other Virginia bloggers as we team up to raise $2,000 in the next 12 hours by going here to contribute: CONTRIBUTE HERE From that same page you can follow our progress live with our fundraising thermometer and also start your own personal fundraising page to continue the success.

In the past month Jim has gotten financial support from hundreds if not thousands of individuals from across the U.S. donating $10, $20 or $50 – the small dollar donor. Let’s continue that trend.

George Allen has less than half the vote (48.9%) according to Zogby. Democratic contender James Webb trails Allen by only 7.2% after less than a month of campaigning, and almost no spending.

Thank you and I’ll see you on the campaign trail!

3/9/06 03:47 pm - forty_night

So I hear Webb was on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central last night. Did anyone see this? I have it on my Tivo, so I'll catch it sometime tonight. It also reairs at 8:30 tonight!

3/9/06 02:18 pm - presenttense80 - CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!!


Help is needed gathering signatures to ensure that James Webb will be on the ballot!!!!!!!!

Thank you!

2/19/06 04:27 pm - pax_homninibus

Hi, all! I'm new! I don't know much about James Webb but I know I don't like George Allen, so here I am.

3/22/06 02:44 pm - presenttense80 - James Webb - US Senate 2006

Thank you for joining the James Webb community.

You can visit the James Webb for Senate website
You can also visit the Draft James Webb blog, which is a great site to discuss James Webb.

Please feel free to post here at any time!!

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